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Just wanted to let everyone know that even though EPC appears to have over 20,000 members.  That is not true at all.  Reason being is when someone gets a new call sign they must apply for a NEW EPC number!  They cannot use their old EPC number.  That number is tied to the call sign only not the member.  So when using a new call sign they technically have no EPC number.   This blows up the numbers which makes it appear that there are that many more members when, in fact, not true.   Reason I know this is because I got it straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.  There was no indication he would change how they issue numbers.

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More great stuff!  more cherry-picked quotes & replies below ...

> [Bill] if you want to work a lot of countries, use RTTY, if you want to have fun, use PSK-31. 

Even if you're not a contester, it's a great resource for DXCC (especially when newer) to have RTTY contests ... hop on during one of the big contests and take advantage of the volume of stations on, and pick off "needed" dxcc-band slots from the spotter ...  Develops an extra operating skill (short contest exchanges; pileups), too, which can be applied to our PSK contests as well.

> [Bill] Maybe something for working a certain number of 070 Members who are on a different continent than you are or maybe a WAC type award for working just 070 members.

Interesting ... added to the list!
> [Bill] It looks like there are nine 070 Club contests per year.  Maybe something for participating in at least 6 of the 9?  I know folks with attic antennas are not likely to participate in the 80 or 160 meter contests and things happen where we miss a weekend for non-radio reasons.

Interesting and added to list, too!    That would be a super-attaboy sticker :)

> [Bill] How about a recruiting endorsement for helping to sign up new members?

I had the general concept on the list, but not sure how to actually implement it ...  will definitely revisit; will also review the growth stats.

> [Matt]  What about, perhaps, some endorsements involving our PSK cousins - PSK63 and PSK125?

The club has always been strictly PSK31 (w/the exception of 31-flavors) ... Why that was originally done, i'm not sure ... Maybe someone ( Jay/Charlie/Steve/Milt/etc) on here has more direct knowledge of the background there ... 
So while not opposed (and it's added to the review list), I recognize there's that history there...   though maybe a "flavors" endorsement?  kinda ties it to the existing exception,  and it's just a "side" item (endorsement), and not changing the direction of the club.   I do like endorsements that promote trying something new -- like the QRP and 12on12, 30on30, 17on17, tri-warc endrosements ... All of those (and APE) got me started on new aspects that i hadn't branched out to yet.  Hmm .. maybe the endorsement could involve "running" the modes, where you need a set of PSK31 + PSK63 + PSK125 contacts w/a station to count ... keeps PSK31 in there, and get the fun/skill of mode-QSY (like in 31 flavors).

side plug -- for those that haven't checked out EPC (European PSK Club)  it's a large club (20,000 members), covers all PSK modes, and also sponsors contests (including a PSK63 one) and endorsements (and has a really slick checker/submission program).
There are 1134 070 members also in EPC.

> [Jerry]  What 070 needs is something totally different from the run-of-the-mill awards of other organizations.

And i think we have more of that coming!  [ sorry, vague again ;) ]

> [TED] well, I think it's instructive to review some of the existing endorsements ....

Ted -- all FB comments!   Good to have a mix of difficulty -- and related to that I think the "tiered" awards (e.g. South America, 24x7, LONP) make it so you can achieve progress and still have the difficult challenges.


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Diets are SO overrated... :-) 
Delos / NO8R

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Sounds like you're awaiting a call from the kitchen?
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How about "Foods of the World" (a spelling game), spelled in the native language of the dish. Or work callsigns whose suffixes concatenate to form the major food groups? Or add up all the numbers in the callsigns to match target calorie counts?


(who is a little food-obsessed at the moment because his wife has him on a diet and he's hungry even after eating the dinner she prepared!)
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... But a thought probably brought on by eating heavy nightmare inducing food before bedtime. :-)

Jerry N9AVY

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