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well, I think it's instructive to review some of the existing endorsements that have relatively low numbers of member 'gets'. This years' 2 DX Specials, AllCAM (all central America), Mapleleaf, SA 13, Worked All Oz and the new 6m are all, on the surface something one thinks they could easily achieve. BUT, not so fast...judging by the numbers, they are pretty trick and require luck, skill and cunning. I'm luck enough to have some of those endorsements and some took several years. For me, much more challenging, and thus, rewarding when I get/got them. Sorry, but collecting the 'alphabet', counties, etc., is not ringing my radio bell. Tied to any new endorsement is the reality that not everyone has the 'big gun' setup, so somtime, it's good to have just plain fun and achievable endorsements (like the Special Event sticker - still have to find and work them, but pretty mainstream for most set ups)

An illustration of my concept is the 6M endorsement: I'm the one that opened up my big mouth about that and I have zip to show for it. Others doing much better. I'm going to go down trying, though, and that is a lot more meaningful than WAA (Worked All Alphabet)

I think any endorsement that does not involve getting in there and working your radio, skills and setup are just not of interedt to me, nor do I think that promotes the Group.
73, Ted

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Guess I have to agree with Steve & Milt. What 070 needs is something totally different from the run-of-the-mill awards of other organizations.

I got a kick out of the "Worked All Italian ZIP Codes Award" (PSK31 endorsed, too !). Has anyone done a "Worked ALL USA Zip Codes" ? Probably be a monster to program and not a great idea ! But a thought probably brought on by eating heavy nightmare inducing food before bedtime. :-)

Jerry N9AVY

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I totally
agree with Steve's take
on this. I'd like to see something else, not modeled
after the League's awards.
An entity count type award, solely based on a count, at this
point in my Dx'ing
career, seems boring. I don't have anything to suggest,
but I know with all the
collective minds in this group, something interesting will
turn up and evolve
into an award or series of awards worth
to bear in mind when
thinking about DX'peditions and why very few do BPSK31,
is that the mode is
slow. They need QSO count. I've seen many more doing
BPSK63 than 31, and of
course most all will do RTTY if their time & schedule
will allow it. Plus
the power they're running on SSB, CW & RTTY vs what
we run with BPSK,
regardless of 31 or 63 is also a factor. We can't really
depend on the big buck
DX'peditions to run our mode.
Just my
$.02 worth.
N6MG -
Mixed DXCC total: 338
entities hanging on the wall.
Club's "Ad Hoc Cheerleading

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I agree that Honor Roll is impossible--too many
extremely rare entities,
activated only by DXpeditions, few of whom will operate
PSK. But high DXCC
counts on PSK are achievable with patience, effort, and a

I have 208 confirmed per DXCC rules, though that includes
east coast (W3HF) and west coast (W3HF/6) operations. But
it does NOT include
the ten I only worked from KH2 or VQ9, and none of those
ten were DXpeditions,
or extremely rare. (I'm sure most of those stations
are around frequently, but
I just can't hear them with my attic dipoles.)

That said, a simple
"entity count" endorsement doesn't excite
me. I prefer the ones that are
different from what's available elsewhere.



On 06/10/14,
[070]<070@...> wrote:
iWhile it is
possible to make
DXCC (Basic 100 countries) the likelihood of getting to
150 or 200 is slim.
Making Honor Roll (over 331 is pretty near impossible !);
DXpeditions can't be
bothered with another mode, especially something as slow
as PSK31. Not to
mention the "LIDs" who insist on sending the DX
their "brag list" in the
middle of a pileup !

I think a basic 100 country endorsement might be a
good thing with possible stickers for increments of 5 or
10 much like the IOTA

I'm at 127 countries worked, but I don't see more
than a
handful I could add to that.

Good idea.


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