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David - whew, looks like you have been a busy fellow and doing all this during/after a recent major move.  That is incredible!   Job well done and thanks for all that you are doing.

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On Jun 10, 2014, at 4:41 PM, David Westbrook dwestbrook@... [070] <070@...> wrote:

It's been a few weeks now since I stepped in to fill Jay's shoes as Club Manager, so i thought I would touch base here with what I've been working on, and what's coming up soon.

First, thanks to all the FB support & volunteer offers & idea emails!! I am keeping a list of all the ideas/todo's and volunteers, and will get to all of them. And there are plans for upcoming new fun endorsements!   Thanks for the help and patience!! 

Here are some things recently completed items (some of you may have noticed some web site page changes already) ..

===> If you have comments/questions on any particular topic, please start a new thread, since lots  going on here! :)

* Updated Staff Directory
     ===> New email aliases created for permanent emails, but easy to transition among volunteers, and easy to have multiple recipients (redundancy).
     e.g.   info@...

* Electronic (PDF) certificates available
  You can download your Membership certificate,  LONP certificate, and extra endorsement sheet. (WTW will be added soon, too)
    ==> Paper versions will still be provided by the club for free. This just provides an option for those that want to print their own, or have a "soft" copy (for website, or slide show, or whatever).

* Newly constructed "master" database of member information.  You won't see this directly, but it drives a lot of the new updates.
   Includes full support for multiple callsigns and callsign changes.
   Will also start to track endorsements/mailings and budget.
  Stored as a Google Spreadsheet for easy ownership transfer, auto-backup, auto-revision history, and easy extracts, and programmatic updates (google API).  will continue to provide public club lists/information.

* The following web site pages are now auto-generated from the master database:
  + "New Members" list on the front page
  + "Alpha List"
         the link to the genlog file was removed -- use instead
         extra statistics now included
  + LONP Data" page.
  + "Members of LONP" page.

* All new ONLINE application for new members!!
    See "Join us" page and Membership FAQs for updates:
    It's now an all electronic process for staff to review/approve/add to database.
    Matt KK4CPS is doing the membership certificate printing/mailing.
    Requirements are effectively the same; notable change is that a scanned QSL image isn't necessarily required -- the application form attempts to automatically log-match a qso against the endorsement checker database.  So everyone uploading to the endorsement checker, is potentially helping new member applicants, too!!  If a match isn't found, then it requires a scan of a paper QSL, or a eQSL image.
  This was used successfully by several of the latest members, and nearly all got an automatic match.

* Updated the WTW pages (simplified some of the wording).

* Updated the "How to Donate" page w/new instructions & paypal button.

* Updated LONP Rules
      Online submission via endorsement checker
      Now FREE!  (previously $1 for initial cert)
* Updated "Help Desk" page

===> If you have comments/questions on any particular topic, please start a new thread, since lots  going on here! :)


Next set of TODO's I'm working on (there's a lot more than this!):
* auto-generate the Member info page (and add link to the certs generator, too)
* changes to endorsement submission process -- hint: endorsement checker!! :)
* new endorsements -- have some good ideas from members ... just need to get through more transition/groundwork items first. These will probably be more like Fall, or 2015 calendar year.

Stay tuned -- more to come in next few weeks!

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Club Manager

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