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Several times over the years a DXCC type endorsement has been suggested !!??!!

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If you miss it, just do it all over again.
We could call it WTWX2.  It would be an endorsement for those select few that that just didn't get enough frustration and ionospheric abuse the first time around! HA HA HA.
KA1PPV #1482 (still sluggin it out on the first run through!)

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As the ld saying goes, "Life is too short for QRP " !

Jerry N9AVY :-)
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cherry-picking various comments
from different members to reply to here ...
general statement -- there's some endorsement
changes coming in the near future; but all new award ideas
i'm adding to a list to consider around the Fall, and
I'm sure some 2015 calendar year awards will result.
 Appreciate the patience w/all the transition stuff -- no
hints, but you guys won't be disappointed! :)

> Separating the 'difficult' from
the 'nearly impossible', an idea borrowed from the
3905 Century Club net, is to work all 50 states in order of
admission to the Union.
> Of course, if the computer programming is too involved,
then forget I said that.....

Interesting idea! Added to the list of
possibilities ....  And coding for it should be fun :)
 and probably fairly straightforward.

>  Maybe you should just try to do it all
over again, like the county hunters do.
Jerry -- try it QRP!  or single band!

> for some reason, just never got that excited about
that endorsement. It's basically just searching for
letters and you will eventually get it . I just think
challenges like working all SA, the IOTA endorsement and
stuff like that is more meaningful to me. (still looking for
Peru on psk !!)

I share of the same sentiment -- from a
programmer mindset, WTW is defined to me as a purely
arbitrary definition of "Work 367 A's, 57 B's,
72 C's, ... 28 Y's, 16 Z's for a total of 2246
required QSOs",  and "Work the World" is a
misnomer -- in theory you could finish it working all
California callsigns -- there's your challenge Jerry!!
But there's that compulsion to chase stickers :)
 and I had a lot fun programming the checker for that one

> maybe the next round of WTW would use the
SECOND letter after the numeral instead of the's that?

what about 1x1 or 2x1 calls? ;)

> Let's try to come up with a couple of
specific ideas among us and float them up the chain.
Please do! I have had member ideas already, and
will continue to queue the ideas to review later this

> As long as you "relocate" the
required number of miles from your present QTH, you would
get to start all over again, at least as far as the ARRL is
concerned.  I don't know if 070 has any sort of rule to
that effect.

That rule (IIRC 50 miles) is for WAS;  for DXCC
you can be anywhere within your dxcc entity.   070 has no
conditions, aside from the callsign rules.
> Perhaps you could set up a remote shack QTH
some distance away and operate it from home. 

I have on the list to consider some kind of
remote operation award or event ... Haven't come up
w/any specifics yet, but i think remote operation is a good

> As if the 24x7 wasn't another bit of lunacy
Only for those that actually complete it!
:)If you want another challenge, try 24x7 QRP or
single-band ...  I think the latter would be especially
One member had me add a custom check to the endorsement
checker to chase 24x7 with only working one specific other
member!! they're up to 34! 

> We have quite a few members
outside of North America.

that's an area i'd like
to think of ways to grow, too... on the long-term goals

> I think any long term award
should be something that is possible to achieve by all. 
Not necessarily easy but at least possible with the typical

y, WTW is more-or-less even, since (despite the
name) has zero geographic or band bias.i'm
biased ;) but 24x7 is a good "neutral" one too
... Some are geographically biased (like yankee
clipper), but that's fine as long as there's a
mix/balance (which I think we have overall) ...

good discussions
everyone -- keep it coming!

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