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Don Snider

I would support a 6m endorsement. I spend a lot of time on 6 meters during the season from my home in FM27. I’d be happy to run some PSK-31 with anyone interested. I’m mainly on during the weekends.



Don N3MK

Chincoteague Island, VA


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Thought I'd check in on this one.  I don't have a 6 meter rig any longer. Had 2 but sold them both off because there just didn't seem to be a lot of activity.

Guess I wouldn't be interested in a 6m endorsement because I don't have that capability. Sure that I'm the only negative response as oppsed to the half dozen or so others who responded. With all the 070 members there probably should have been a greater response I would think.

But the ultimate decision rests with the staff who may or may not want to increase their workload.

Just my 2 cents ...

Jerry  N9AVY

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