FL to MI: PSK-31 on 6 Meters?

stan W9SMR

Just worked Delos, NO8R on 50.291.  He has signed with LW2EE and we are both calling CQ.
I used my 40m attic dipole which somehow loaded up OK.
Sarasota, FL

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Date: Sun, 11 May 2014 15:22:33 -0700
Subject: [070] Re: PSK-31 on 6 Meters?

Bill -

I've had 24 QSOs on 6m PSK, but nothing significant in the past almost-four years. (I'm not counting a local friend.)  Most of those were random QSOs during band openings, though a few were contest QSYs with nearby stations where we "ran the bands."

A few years ago there was an 070 endorsement for "6 on 6", encouraging 6m PSK operation. And many years ago (like 10) there was an "All-Band PSKer" endorsement that had a 6m "kicker."

I wouldn't mind working more 6m PSK, but as you've found there aren't many stations out there. When the band is open, you'll find lots more activity in the usual CW and SSB areas. But I didn't even realize 6m was open today.


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