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Well as for me, I was going along fat, dumb, and happy, working all the W1AW/X stations I could find and racking up the 'A's for WTW.
Then it hit me...I could only use four 'A's at best 'cause I have earned 5 endorsements so far........DUH!

Larry WA7HDZ #404

On Friday, March 21, 2014 4:37 PM, Bill Garwood wrote:

Here's the anti-rant.  I'm not too far from completing WTW.  I have not checked my stats in a couple of weeks but the last time I checked,  I needed a few more I, N and Os.  Seems like I'm always getting other letters.  A little while ago, I hit the jackpot.  Worked 3 JA stations in 15 minutes on 10 meters, all had an O for the first letter in their suffix.  Maybe I need to buy a lottery ticket? 
Y'all have a fun weekend.
Bill N4GBK
#1688 LONP #252 
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Not sure about how many there are who have completed the WTW. I submitted the last 2, but have as yet to hear anything or see the stickers.

Jerry n9avy

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Hey Jerry-
I was trying to be funny!  Yes, WTW can be frustrating.  But I also find it greatly rewarding.  As the web site says: "the ultimate in PSK31 operating awards."  I've only submitted 4 so far, and I'll sure keep working on it.  Congrats to you and the others that have completed all 9.  I think there are only 10 of you so far.  Is that right?

Rick - N7WE

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