Re: 24-7

Jerry N9AVY

Bummer , John !   Darn lightning. Hope you had radio disconnected.

Is coax bad ???  If you have Ohmmeter you can check continuity from center conductor on one end to the other... same for the shield.  You should see continuity from one end to the other, but NOT between the shield & center conductor. If you a short between conductors you probably need to remove coax plugs and resolder them. (Check ARRL Radio Handbook for how to solder. Be sure to flex coax at plugs by wiggling them a bit. Had a bad solder connection on one of jumpers.

The antenna may be fixable. 

Good luck !

Jerry  N9AVY

From: John Netro-N9WVM
To: PODXS <070@...>
Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 8:57 PM
Subject: [070] 24-7

Thought I would let all know that I am out of commission till I get another antenna and coax. Don't know when that will be but when I do I will be back after the 24-7. I think I took a lighting strike about 3 weeks ago replaced the coax and 3 weeks later i'm off the air again so I think the antenna (Eagle One 31 foot vertical) is shot. or cause I didn't have it grounded and or no radials.  

N9WVM, John
PODXS070 #1073

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