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For me personally, everything is in UTC, logs and all.  I'd just not updated my brand new computer to UTC yet.  I've not made any contacts with it yet, so there's no log corruption or anything, and I'll certainly have it correctly logging UTC before I do make the first one.

I just wanted to make sure I was staying up at the right time tonight - that's the only reason I brought up Eastern. Really should've just double checked the time myself and not brought it up, I reckon.  

Thanks for the concern about my logging and everything else being in UTC - nice to have someone watching out!



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Everyone ....   it is important to keep logs in GMT.  Cannot stress this enough.  Many years ago I was a QSL Manager for a couple DX stations and had to reject hundreds of QSLs because they could not/would not convert to GMT ... and if they did they forgot to change the date.

I was doing thousands of log pages a week and (yes, paper logs) and it made lots of work for me; so, I adopted a policy of any card that was more than an hour off on time got tossed.

If you use Eqsl, putting in anything other than GMT time with have negative results... LoTW only checks 1/2 hour either side of QSO.

 In other words, if you aren't using GMT you're doing yourself a disservice.

Using correct time (GMT) is important !  This is part of the old newbie indoctrination to ham radio.  I'm starting to think some folks are missing a lot of basic information from some of the things I've read here.

end of rant ...


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Lol... I reckon it is EDT now, you're right!  UTC wins!  Sorry I threw in the Eastern thing. 

 ~ducking flying tomatoes and fruit~


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John -

Do you really mean EST? Did Cherry Valley not go on Daylight Savings Time ten days ago like the rest of the state of New York?

(who is poking fun just to show that doing everything related to amateur radio in UTC is easier!)

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