Re: Pal Top interfacing?


Hi Ernie,
I'd like to see some more info on this subject. The only way I've been able
to work PSK or SSTV on my laptop (Compaq Presario 1700T) is to use the mic
in/spkr out jacks from/to the transceiver, along with a manual tx/rx switch.
In order to have a "Serial" (db9/25) port, I have to have a docking station
just like the one I use on the desk to interface to everything I used with
the tower, before I got the laptop. Even then I have to use a USB mouse
instead of the serial mouse I normally use. The docking port has a sort of
miniature Centronics like plug sticking up from it, and the lap top gets
pressed down onto it. Not the most reliable connection scheme, but usually
works. It loses the connection to the serial mouse occasionally (requiring
shut down, reseat & reboot). I've never noticed it dropping out the TX
during a QSO. That could be a real problem. I have heard of USB to Parallel
port adapters (I think DQU uses one of them) so maybe there are USB to old
fashion Serial port adapters. Maybe I'll ask Santa for one of them.

Only my personal thoughts & experiences.

Jay - AA8QQ

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