Pal Top interfacing?

Ernest Mills <emills@...>

Hi all 070 members,
Can you help me? I run, as many of you know, a help web page for interfacing sound cards to the pc for the digital modes (among other things) but I have been getting an increasing number of enquiries about interfacing laptop computers instead of desk tops. I know nothing about Laptops. The queries I have been getting mostly refer to the laptop having no DB9/25 ports and only USB ports. Some appear not to have sound cards other than on board cards etc.
Question: how to connect the interface to a USB port? I will need drawings and pin numbers, ie. LINE IN and LINE OUT pin numbers as well as RTS/DTR pin numbers etc. if possible and I will put this onto my web page hoping to relieve this email situation somewhat. Credit will be given of course :)

Hope you can help, 73 Ernie

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