Re: Propagation ?

Dan Morris - KZ3T

Hey Jerry - Still don’t have an antenna up yet but if I get off my butt and hook up my radio I was going to try my little 10 meter mag mount on top of my power supply and see what I could hear!! hihi — I’ve waited too long now that winter has about settled in so it’ll probably be spring before I can get me an antenna up.  I’ve pretty much decided on the Zero Five 29’ vertical ground mounted with radials.  Hopefully that will do the job.

Sounds like I’ve missed some pretty good props especially DX this fall?

Dan Morris   KZ3T

On Dec 27, 2013, at 11:52 AM, Jerry <n9avy@...> wrote:

Is it just me or has propagation been lousy the past couple days ?   Normally print Europe just fine with few errors, but this week the conditions seem like  I'm getting 25 - 50% of almost everything.

Anyone else notice this or am I having rig problems ???


Jerry N9AVY  #454

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