KC9UR Pontoon Portable APE Results Summary

v32hoosier <v32hoosier@...>

Our thanks go to everyone who took time to work us. We met our goals, namely: 1) encouraging and sparking interest in PSK31 operation, and 2) having lots of fun in the process.

Here's the final tally:
Total QSO's: 199 (100 outside USA, 99 within USA)
States Worked: 28
DXCC Entities Worked: 33 (including USA (99 QSOs), Italy (12), Germany (10), Spain (8), France (8), Belgium (6), Poland (6), Cuba (4), and England (3), plus others)
Rarest DX Entities Worked: Sri Lanka (4S7BRG), Angola (D2QR worked on 2 bands), and Greece (SV2HTI)

Certified APE Hunters (the following 7 hunters, by demonstrating superior hunting skills and persistence, earned an official "APE Hunter" certificate by working us on 3 or more bands)(certificates will be in the mail soon):
K1CGI (40/20/15M), K8TOM (20/17/15M), N7BLN (20/17/15M), NU4C (20/17/15M), W3WMU (40/30/20M), W5FER (20/17/15M)and W9SMR/9 (30/17/12M).

Apprentice APE Hunters (the following 13 hunters deserve special recognition by working us on 2 bands):
D2QR (17/15M), GM0KWW (17/15M), K5WTA (30/15M), K7CNG (20/15M), KF2GQ (20/17M), KJ4IQW (20/17M), M3PQQ (17/15M), N2MLP (20/17M), N5WMR (17/15M), VA7GEM (20/15M), W6NIF (20/15M), WG5T (20/17M) and W5VGR (20/15M).

Again, Stan and I send our thanks to all who worked us - we hope you had as much fun as we had, and hope to work you again soon. We hope that we demonstrated that lots of fun can be had and lots of contacts can be made just by casual operating using PSK31, simple antennas (verticals and dipoles), and low power (less than 100W, typically 30 - 40W). I'm putting together a more detailed report (with pictures) of our operation for posting on the website.

Bob (KC9UR) and Stan (W9SMR/9)

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