APE Alert for 20 - 21 August

v32hoosier <v32hoosier@...>

My friend Stan, W9SMR, and I are conducting a Multi-Op APE on Tuesday and Wednesday (20 - 21 August). We will be operating "Pontoon Portable" using my call (KC9UR) from Stan's pontoon boat on Round Lake in the northeastern corner of Indiana. We will be using two Kenwood TS-590S transceivers feeding "over the water mounted" vertical antennas. We plan to operate on the 40M - 10M bands, so give us a call! A special QSL card is offered - just include an S.A.S.E with your card. Work KC9UR "Pontoon Portable" on 3 or more bands and receive a special "A.P.E. Hunter" certificate. For additional info and to see copies of the QSL card and certificate, visit my page on QRZ.com.

We're looking forward to working you!

Bob, KC9UR

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