John van Eijndt KC0DEB

Hi FM,
I have read all of ur messages abt the Tri-WARC , and all the activity lately.   Unfortunatly, this was not applying to me. These bands are not covered by my wire antenna, and my internal tuner would not handle such a mismatch.......I thought.    Well, I just gave it a try after reading yet another string of e-mails, and have to say that I under estimated this old rig of mine....
It sure did drop the SWR to a acceptable level of 1:1.5 or less on all 3 bands.  Now my question is: where are you guys & gals meeting on 30-17 & 12 Mtr?  ( I know Jay is hanging out on 24.925 I believe, haven't seen you yet, though  hihi )  I Guess I am set and ready to go after the TRI-WARC, so I'm looking forward seeing you all on my screen soon!       73 de John KC0DEB    Kansas City, KS

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