Re: TDW log matching

Daniel Severance

Odd, I worked K8TOM 2x, both were pretty easy QSOs, so not sure why I'm not showing up in his log!


From: David Westbrook <>
Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 10:21 AM
Subject: Re: [070] TDW log matching

Mike N6STA --  oooh, happy someone saw that already on the summary page --
i added those time-of-day stats just a couple hours ago :)

Dan N6ERD -- It re-generates the report on the fly when you view it, so no
need to re-upload unless you changed something in your log.
The "5 NIL"  are 5 that are in your log, and the callsign is someone that
uploaded a log, but no match was found in their log.  You can see the
specific 5 q's by looking in the "LOG DATA" section at the bottom (they'll
have a "X" at the end).
You have 17 Q's, 6 matched, 5 NIL  -- the remainder (6) are q's where the
qso partner did not upload a log, so can't tell if it matches or not.

Note the matching is not taken into account for scoring -- just there as a
reference & for review for issues.

====>>>> the qso match rate is now over 50% !!!  That's really great -- so
we have a very nice "picture" of the whole contest.

070 #1041

On Wed, May 29, 2013 at 1:11 PM, Daniel Severance <> wrote:



I reuploaded to see if anything changed but stayed the same.  I did see it
says 6 matches and 5 NIL - are those 5 I worked where I am not in their
log, or am I in 5 other people's logs but I didn't log them?  I know of at
least one case of the latter.


From: David Westbrook <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 28, 2013 5:31 PM
Subject: [070] TDW log matching

I just added some new improvements/enhancements to the scoring utility:

Log matching!!!
* Summary page shows % of qso's that match another uploaded log.
* Tweaked/fixed the matching algorithm -- much higher (~double!) match
rate now.
* Your scoring report page now shows:
+ number of Q's that matched another uploaded log.
+ number of Q's that did not match (NIL), for QSO-partners that
+ a "y", "X", or "" in the "Log Data" details to indicate match

So you can now see exactly which of your qso's did/did not match against
the other uploaded logs! :)

==> Logs still wanted -- the list of the "most wanted" is at the bottom of
the summary page.

070 #1041

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