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Just thought I'd add this for VE folks...

The RAC bandplan does not carry force of law like the US FCC's band plan. In Canada, you are required to adhere, as a minimum, to IARU specifications for the region because it has the force of a treaty behind it.

Beyond that, RAC has issued a guideline band plan, but it is exactly that: A guideline. Unfortunately, it was also a guideline written by people who don't do digital modes and it does not reflect reality on 40m.

On the IARU band plan, 7000-7035 is rock pounding^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H CW land :), so don't go there with your PSK.

A Canadian operator, however, is free to operate PSK from 7035 kHz to 7300 kHz. It is generally considered a bit unsporting to go much above 7075 with it because that's mostly phone, but you won't be in violation of any rules.

73 de VE3OIJ

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The IARU document looks like NB is allowed on 7.070 The RAC document would lead one to believe that 7.070 is outside of the Canadian Narrow Band Digital allocation and would prevent those of us north of the border from enjoying making contacts

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