Re: 070 members in Delaware?

Steve W3HF

Tim -

K3UK is a good resource for general WAS-type skeds, but you asked specifically about 070 members.

The 070 Members page on the web site (under the LONP heading) lists QTHs of members. Three of the 1676 members are listed in Delaware, but you can't tell whether any of these use LoTW.

You could always go to the HB9BZA or WD5EAE lists of LoTW users to cross-reference the three. But it's probably more useful for me to tell you that I have DE confirmations on LoTW from members K3MQ and K3CWF.


--- In 070@..., Tim Richardson <groupsrichart@...> wrote:

Looking for an 070 club member in Delaware who also uses Logbook of the
World. Delaware is the last state I need for WAS. Anyone out there
willing to set up a sked on 40 or 20 meters? Reply off-list to w4iou@...



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