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I am not sure if I am referring to the correct band plan but seeing as it is posted on IARU web site I will go with it.

The IARU document looks like NB is allowed on 7.070 The RAC document would lead one to believe that 7.070 is outside of the Canadian Narrow Band Digital allocation and would prevent those of us north of the border from enjoying making contacts with our friends below the border and therefore remove our ability to fully enjoy the contest.
I would rather see consensus to stay on 7.035 so that members around the world can share the same experience and the same opportunities.
Awaiting my lesson for the day.

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Greetings all,

I am SO looking forward to Three Day Weekend (TDW) 24 - 26 May. But I also look forward to working on my favorite band - 40 Meters.

Since this contest is just for "us" - it's PODXS 070 Club Members only - why don't we hang out on 7.070 on 40M for the most part? 7.035 will be good for DX, but I'm thinking we'll do a lot of USA only QSOs on 7.070 and not bother other folks.

Y'all come - TDW is a lot of fun.

Vy 73,

Charlie, K8IJ

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