VOA Station Opportunity

Eric Dallmann

No, not K3VOA, but rather KC9IMR/0, the "Voice of Ames."

I have to take a brief trip out to a site in Ames, IA tomorrow, and will be returning Tuesday.  While I'm there, it would be great to spend some time on the air.  To make it challenging (and avoid lugging too much equipment with me), I won't be running a very elaborate set-up.  I'll have a QRP rig, a Pig Tail WiFi adapter, and my Android phone (running HamLog).

I'll make an announcement when I'm set up, but won't have e-mail while I'm on the air (the phone will be tied up with PSK31).  If you need any more incentive to look for me, contacts with KC9IMR are good for the WABOL endorsement, as well as a fancy QSL card (or at least a post card from the gas station near my hotel).


Eric/K9VIC (trustee for KC9IMR)

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