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"antenna tuners don't actually tune the antenna."  Jerry, say it ain't so!
Since I had always used dipoles, I had never  used a Tuner before, so when I got
my new rig, with built-in tuner and wattmeter, I wanted to see how well my
antenna performed.
Late one nite, I keyed the txmitter at the low end of 20, 1.0:1 SWR, next I tried the
high end of the phone band, 1.0:1. SWR.
I soon became suspicious, I tried loading my xmitter up on different bands using a
20 meter dipole, again a 1.0:1 SWR.
After reading a few articles on tuners, I soon realized my SWR meter was correct
when it said I had a 1:1 SWR while loading into a pencil, and the tuner was doing it's job
by "fooling the transmitter into thinking it's seeing a 50 ohm impedance" (Load). 
Larry WA7HDZ #404
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For the benefit of some of our less technical members, I'd like to say that antenna tuners don't actually tune the antenna.   All the tuner does is to try to match the 50 Ohm impedance of transmitter to what load the coax presents at the transmitter.  There have been some good articles on this subject but I can't recall just where they were.

To be truly effective a tuner would have to be mounted at the antenna feed point and remotely tuned. 

So, an antenna tuner is actually fooling the transmitter into thinking it's seeing a 50 ohm impedance and makes the transmitter happy.  It's really a feedline matcher.

Jerry  N9AVY


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