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Mike Miller <mike.kc9doa@...>

Hi Mark,

I have the 993B and it will tune my 80m OCFD on 160m, but the
loss is so high that my modified 6BTV out performs it hands down
on 160m. The 993B does allow the 6BTV to work a much wider slice
of 160m than I could without it. On 80-10m, the 993B OCFD combo
seems to work reasonably well.

I also have the MFJ-5124K tuner interface that makes the TS-2000
think it has a Kenwood tuner attached. It makes tuning easier
but it isn't mandatory.

The 993B is the only auto tuner I've used, so I can't really say
how it compares with the others on the market.

Mike kc9doa

On 19 Mar 2013 at 18:01, Mark Crosbie wrote:

I am running a TS-2000 in the shack. But mine will not tune my
windom on
160M, or 30M. I have been running a Diamond SX-600 meter, and a
Dentron Jr. Monitor Tuner. I am looking to replace this with
either the
MFJ-993B, or the LDG KT-100. I would like some user input on
these two
tuners. Pro's, Con's, other recommendations.



Mark Crosbie
London, Ohio
PODXS 070# 0525
PODXS Clubhouse Barkeep
PODXS Reflector Boss

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