Re: Annoying things on PSK

Mike Miller <mike.kc9doa@...>

I'll admit to making that mistake a few times. I use FLDigi and
and if I forget to clear the log, I'll call the last call I
worked instead of the station I'm trying to answer. The other
error I make, is to forget to enter the call of the station I'm
answering and just send my call. That's not so bad. To err is

Mike kc9doa

On 19 Mar 2013 at 14:14, Jerry wrote:

The other day I was calling CQ on a frequency for quite a while
and had a
station call me with a Chinese call and then his call.� Went
back with
another CQ and he answered with my call and his call. Maybe a
mistake ?
Can't say for sure.� It often seems like people don't read
what's on
their screen.

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