Re: Annoying things on PSK


A few thoughts:

Personally, I try to give out a reasonable approximation of a true signal report. And I'd want to get that in return. I'm not sure why the stigma against giving or getting a low signal strength. I do a lot of JT65 (a fun mode, if you've never tried it), and it has the dubious distinction of having the most accurate signal reports in all of ham radio. Do I get upset when I get a "-22" signal report instead of a "-5"? Heck no! I think to myself, "Ha! Look how little power I needed to communicate with that other station!" (Or, "Dang, all that power and that's how little signal arrived? Good thing JT65 works so well, or else this QSO might not have happened!") I'd be perfectly happy to get a PSK31 report of 519, because what does it matter how strong the signal is if the copy is good? A 391, though, and you'd better let me know what's wrong!

And on that subject, if anyone ever sent me a screenshot of what my PSK31 signal, I'd be ecstatic! As was mentioned, I don't know what my signal looks like unless the other station tells me, and a picture is worth 1000 words.

And I'll throw in my 2 cents on names: I use HRD+DM780, and my name field auto-populates. Sometimes it's correct (or it's enough to help me verify that I decoded the Call or Name correctly), but when it's not, I try to use the VERY SIMPLE method HRD+DM780 offers to update it from the decoded text so that I call the other guy by his preferred name. This is something of a sensitive issue for me, although I think I have the opposite of the Jonathan/Craig problem: my legal, given name is James, which is what I go by, but many hams try to shorten it to Jim (even when it means overriding the database or what I've sent).

Keep up the good operating, my 070 friends!

73 de NF8I,


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