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Hi Mark, I have the KT-100 and would highly reommend it . Small, compact and efficient and you just use the AT button on the 2000 and you are Golden. If you use the HRD program, you can click on the tune button and tune it. I am able to tune the WARC bands and 80m on my Alpha Delta parallel dipole...Also, LDG has good cust svc
GL, Ted, K7TRK

From: Mark Crosbie <>
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Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 3:01 PM
Subject: [070] Antenna Tuners


I am running a TS-2000 in the shack. But mine will not tune my windom on
160M, or 30M. I have been running a Diamond SX-600 meter, and a loaned
Dentron Jr. Monitor Tuner. I am looking to replace this with either the
MFJ-993B, or the LDG KT-100. I would like some user input on these two
tuners. Pro's, Con's, other recommendations.



Mark Crosbie
London, Ohio
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