Re: Annoying things on PSK

Jerry N9AVY

I've done some of this "on the air" helping with people who have had wide signals and it's very rewarding when they accept the help.  Maybe that's one way to clean up the bands... one station at a time.  Reminds me of the thing about "no need to thank me, just pass on what you have learned".   If we all help others then it will hopefully spread/

Good point David !

Jerry  N9AVY

--- On Tue, 3/19/13, David Rock <> wrote:

As for the "someone is splattering so I just ignore them" tactic, I

personally don't like that at all. I spent 30 minutes just last night

helping someone that was 500Hz wide get his signal under control and he

was very appreciative. Not only did he have no idea he was doing it, he

also got a system that was running a lot cooler. I made a friend AND

made things better for everyone.

If you want people to learn, you have to guide them. You can't just

assume they will figure it out on their own. We were ALL beginners at

some point, and we ALL had help along the way. Sometimes I think we

forget that in our rants. You serve the radio community much better by

taking a little extra time to help fix the problem, rather than ignore


Now if they decide not to listen... that's a whole different ballgame.

I seriously doubt there are many people out there that are deliberately

trying to splatter, though.


David, K9DWR


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