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Dan Morris - KZ3T

Well folks - I agree with just about everything that's been put out on this thread. I do know that sometimes you just cannot hear the other person regardless. That is always going to happen sooner or later, however, everyone is right, listen, listen, listen (or watch, watch watch the waterfall) --

Now, I am probably one of those (or at least have been) annoying people you are talking about. I still consider myself fairly new at this digital game even though I have been doing it since August of 2009, just not as often as I like. Don't think I really got going on digital until 2010! I listened a little and probably not as much as I should have in the beginning. I did have some help with some really nice people (070 members and non-070 members). Learned about macros and just went off with them. Then I learned a little more about them and did some tweaking. Had some people actually send me a picture of what my signal looked like and I felt pretty good about it. It really was a nice looking signal I must say!! I even started getting into several contests (mostly 070). Would listen and get the hang of what most were doing as far as calling, answering, etc and would try and apply those procedures and then dove into the contest.

Now, my macros are set up to send out a 599 signal based on what is in my outgoing RST field. I must say the majority of signals are 599, however, I again have also learned a lot from these threads and from others on the bands and have since adjusted my RST in the data field accordingly so when I give out the sig report it will give the 569 or 549 or 449 or whatever. Sometimes I do get going and forget to make the change and send out the 599 and then kick myself in the butt!! hihi ---

So, keep these threads a coming as we all do learn from them even though I'm pretty sure most all of us try to do what is right it don't always happen that way. So, Jerry, please , if you see me doing something wrong let me know and keep me on your good list!! hihi -- Enough rambling and as soon as I get me an antenna up at this apartment I hope to get on the air soon. I'm thinking of tapping into the rain gutter and trying the gutter antenna method. It is about 50 - 60 feet high and approx 10 - 15 feet long so it might be worth trying. Then I'm going to try the endfed antenna from the guy on ebay Bruce, NU0R. So, we'll see what happens.

Dan Morris KZ3T 070-1065

On Mar 19, 2013, at 1:41 PM, my_call_is_ac4m wrote:

Annoying things to me is giving a 599 report for EVERYONE! What is the use of giving a 599 if it has no meaning, I can understand this practice in contest or working a DXpedition, I think it is a insult in some ways of giving me a 599 then ask to repeat my QTH, name etc..or even get my name wrong, I go by Craig which is my legal middle name and I tell people two times my name is Craig and they say FB 599 Jonathan, that is insulting to me. I could go back to them and ask them are they drunk and they would return to me FB copy Jonathan TU for QSO , It seems like lots and lots of people DO NOT READ their screen at all, is all I can figure, it really makes themselves look stupid to the rest of the world. "I AM ROBOT"

Another annoying thing is people that give me a 73 and I give them my 73 and say QRZ? or something similar, then he/she want to key back up and say bye or something similar again while doing this covering up the next station calling me. I always give them a chance to give their 73 to me it is not like I said 73 to them first type of thing. What is wrong just saying bye the first time and all the pleasant sayings and be done with it.

I am glad the 070 group is educated bunch about PSK procedures and such, I just wish we could get the rest of the world up to speed.

Can you all think of ways to help spread the word? It is ok to
complain about things, but it is even better to do something about it.

--- In, David Westbrook <dwestbrook@...> wrote:

It's like they got their license and jumped on digital with zero

Well, that's exactly what I did!! and nothing wrong with that ...
no prerequisite of doing other parts of the hobby (e.g. cw or ssb) before
any other parts (e.g. digital)
Pretty hard not to start with zero experience :)

Scott -- i think you're right about contest "swatting" -- the CQ'er will
definitely attempt to hold the run freq, and just keep CQ'ing over someone
trying to hijack it. But also in contests it's very clear who the cq'er
is ... and in psk style Q's it's impossible to know unless you were
listening before the qso started.


On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 11:49 AM, Jerry <n9avy@...> wrote:


Double positive beats my "No se nada nunca !" Hi ! Hi !

Well I am more and more convinced that many PSK operators have never had
any experience with phone/cw and are totally ignorant of proper
procedures. It's like they got their license and jumped on digital with
zero experience. Other than they don't really care about the mess they
create, that's about the only explanation I can come up with.

Just had a station QRM the heck out my QSO with a German station and when
he called me, I just ignored him and QSYed. Think I'll be doing more of
that now.

Just got a couple more hard-earned N's for WTW !

73, Jerry N9AVY

--- On Tue, 3/19/13, Scott Monks <cq_dx_de_aa0aa@...> wrote:

From: Scott Monks <cq_dx_de_aa0aa@...>
Subject: Re: [070] Re: Annoying things on PSK
To: ">
Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 10:39 AM

In this you are completely correct, Jerry (I like that double positive!).
I have often participated in this type of even in that my answering a
station using my XE call prompts several others to try to work me on the
original station's frequency. If they just moved up or down a little I
would see them and qsy! And for sure, contests are not "real life"!

It is curious that I haven't noticed this on cw or ssb, even in contests,
but I do see it a lot in psk and rtty (which I just recently learned to
operate); maybe because higher wattage often is used and offenders are just
"swatted". I don't remember even seeing this mentioned in other than
digital groups.

73, Scott

From: Jerry <n9avy@...>
Sent: Tuesday, March 19, 2013 9:27 AM
Subject: Re: [070] Re: Annoying things on PSK
In a contest some things are forgivable. But in daily operations they
should be.

Case in point, I still need a bunch of N's for WTW... so, I see a
station with an N suffix calling CQ , I answer him only to be beat out by a
station is Iceland. That's okay because I'll call again. They finish and
then a certain VE2 call the TF station while I'm call the N station. The N
station disappeared and the VE2 & TF station monopolized the frequency. I
think it would have been appropriate had the TF station said "it's not my
frequency " and moved off . That would have been the gentlemanly way to
do it.

Still getting a lot of folks jumping on frequency and calling CQ right on
top of a QSO. It would help if these folks would LISTEN FIRST ! The
excuse that they didn't hear anything doesn't wash. Watching the waterfall
for a few minutes will usually tell if a frequency is in use.

Think I'll start keep a list of offending stations.. sort of a "Do Not
Call" list ... or perhaps a version of the notorious "LID List" (Yes,
there really is one !).

Just my 2 cents worth ...
Jerry N9AVY
--- On Tue, 3/19/13, Scott Monks <cq_dx_de_aa0aa@...> wrote:
From: Scott Monks <cq_dx_de_aa0aa@...>
Subject: Re: [070] Re: Annoying things on PSK
To: ">
Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 8:09 AM
In the resent contest I was "guilty" of this several times due in part to
bad conditions. I would hear the same call repeated several times but not
be sure who was holding the spot. It sometimes was the other station by
mistake. I would then re-call the spotholder, who often answered. Sure, I
could have waited and waited to be certain, but it was a contest! Taking
things too seriously often leads to throwing stones too quickly.

Scott. XE1/AA0AA
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On Mar 19, 2013, at 8:56, "Bill AB9QU" <ab9qu@...> wrote:
I have had stations call me after a QSO when it is not my spot. I don't
answer them and move on
so the original person still has the spot.
Bill ab9qu
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