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I agree, there a lot of folks who just do not monitor.makes me want to make a macro that says:
“HEY!” You blind…or do you just not look at the waterfall before you transmit???
 I counted 4 or 5 times in the St. Pat's Day contest, I answered a 'CQ' only
to find another station calling 'CQ' on top of the
If you want to call ‘CQ’,  monitor the frequency. As stated earlier ,
I wait a minimum of 1 minute, maybe longer. Yes, even in
If you want to call another station…monitor him and make sure
he is not in QSO with another station.
Remember, tis’ far, far, better you monitor the waterfall, than to make
Jerry’s ‘Lid’ list!
With all the complaining that goes on, I like to think there is a better
class of folks on PSK31 than some I have heard on SSB.
Larry WA7HDZ 404

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In a contest some things are forgivable.  But in daily operations they should be.

Case in point, I still need a bunch of N's for WTW...   so, I see a station with an N suffix calling CQ , I answer him only to be beat out by a station is Iceland.  That's okay because I'll call again.  They finish and then a certain VE2 call the TF station while I'm call the N station.  The N station disappeared and the VE2 & TF station monopolized the frequency.   I think it would have been appropriate had the TF station said "it's not my frequency " and moved off .   That would have been the gentlemanly way to do it.

Still getting a lot of folks jumping on frequency and calling CQ right on top of a QSO. It would help if these folks would LISTEN FIRST !    The excuse that they didn't hear anything doesn't wash.  Watching the waterfall for a few minutes will usually tell if a frequency is in use.

Think I'll start keep a list of offending stations.. sort of a "Do Not Call" list  ... or perhaps a version of the notorious "LID List"  (Yes, there really is one !).

Just my 2 cents worth ...

Jerry  N9AVY

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      In the resent contest I was "guilty" of this several times due in part to bad conditions. I would hear the same call repeated several times but not be sure who was holding the spot. It sometimes was the other station by mistake. I would then re-call the spotholder, who often answered. Sure, I could have waited and waited to be certain, but it was a contest!  Taking things too seriously often leads to throwing stones too quickly.

Scott. XE1/AA0AA

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I have had stations call me after a QSO when it is not my spot. I don't
answer them and move on
so the original person still has the spot.
Bill ab9qu
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