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Joseph Miller <kj8o.ham@...>

Sorry to hear about that, Jerry, and you are correct.

Just last night, I was running a frequency, and work a "KK4" station and he
made the comment that I was about his fourth contact, and then someone else
(domestic) jumps in and makes contact with him. Since it was close enough
to bedtime, I just turned off rig.

I guess what I am going to start doing, is to treat the offending station
as "NIL" when they want an eQSL, LOTW or Card.

A number of us talked about this same subject on the local repeater this

73 de Joe KJ8O

On Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 1:07 PM, Jerry <> wrote:


Been running a frequency for over an hour and working lots of stations
(hunting for last bunch of N's I need for WTW). So I work a fairly common
European station and sign with him and the another European calls him !
They stole "my frequency" I was taught that that is bad on the air
manners; so, maybe I'm "old school", but it seems that it's "work the DX
you need" takes precedence over manners.

I wouldn't normally sound off about this but I'm annoyed because this
isn't the first time this has happened. There have been several occasions
with this type of behavior.

Also, there is too much tail-ending going on where another station will
talk right over the station I'm working. There was a Russian station that
did that yesterday and I totally ignored him and even QSYed.

I really thought that PSK operators were better mannered. Guess most are
but there are a few stinkers.

End of rant ...

Jerry N9AVY

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