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Daniel Severance

Good points David - 

I would point out that 10M and 20M are a bigger (digi) bands so even a small station can generally find a "run" frequency to call CQ - other bands where it's more crowded it's definitely trickier.  NAQP RTTY is a 100W USA contest where there are fewer hams and are they more even (power) which makes running easier, but in big RTTY contests where worldwide stations are calling with full power, a 100W station has little chance to run EXCEPT on those bands with wider DIGI bands.  It's still worth while going way up high in those bands to find a spot and try running - you'd be surprised!

I started contesting just as a way to collect DX, not to score points, so then S&P chasing spots gets you the DX you want (can be problematic for stations all want to work) - tuning the band after hitting the spots you can will yield some DX you need but hasn't been spotted yet so you have a MUCH easier time getting through to them.  It takes time so not a great way to get a big score (unless you have a rig with two receivers - you can call CQ and then tune the second receiver through the band then jump and work them and jump back to the run frequency.


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Glad to hear you had fun diving into a rtty contest -- that was the facet
of the hobby i first started with ...  It's a different ballgame than psk
(esp the causual 070) contests! :)

Some thoughts on CQ vs S/P (Search & Pounce)  ... No "right" answer because
it depends a lot on your goals for that specific contest and your station

In big rtty contests, it can be hard first to find a clear(ish) gap, and
hard to keep it ....  If you're a modest no-beam, no-amp station (like
me!), it's tough to hold the run freq ...  For me, I consider 5
back-to-back Q's when CQ'ing a big success! For the big guys, they're just
racking them up in a steady stream.

When you do run (CQ), it has the potential for a good rate ... And it's fun
getting a big string where you never CQ! This is where the "standard"
exchange format (discussed in previous threads) comes into play, a lot of
it being about tempo...
So a good rate is important for scoring ...

.. but so are multipliers ...  and need to tune around for mults sometimes
...  Or if working in a assisted category, need to go pounce on spots of
needed mults.
  ==> A big difference in RTTY vs PSK, is that CQ'ing in PSK, you can
broad-band decode the while passband and keep an eye out for needed
stations ... and jump to their offset real quick, and then back to your CQ

Your goal may not be a score in a contest -- if it's to pick up needed
states/dxcc/grids/whatever, then you'll want to cherry-pick those spots and
S/P them;    I've done that almost exclusively in some contests, esp if
just hopping on the air for a very short amount of time, and not putting in
a "real" effort due to time constraints.

Just like when to switch bands, switching between CQ & S/P is tricky to
balance ...  Sometimes with the wall-to-wall rtty you can S/P at a pretty
good rate as a low power station ...    Or if CQ'ing and getting nothing,
time to try another spot or band or just go S/P some ...

There's been times (RTTY) where i'm S/P'ing and see a needed station also
S/P'ing, and he answers a CQ ...  I can't work the wanted guy there cause
it's not his freq .... You can guess that he's tuning up or down, and find
a hole close by, and start CQ'ing, and hope he tunes into you next ...
Obviously some luck needed, but can work.

And then SO2R (single-op-two-radio) is a whole other discussion, where you
CQ and S/P [sort of] simultaneously!

===>>>> But definitely try both!!  They're fun in different ways, and also
are different skills, and that's one of the purposes of contesting ...


On Sun, Feb 24, 2013 at 12:30 PM, RobertJ <shopr3@...> wrote:


Armed with the suggestions obtained on earlier posts about brevity and
form I jumped into the naqp rtty contest yesterday. My First attempt at
rtty. Without the help provided by Joe and several others, I would not have
stood a chance. Managed 67(raw count)on 15,20,40,80 with storm Q between me
and east coast. Thanks to all.
NEW Question for the forum DO you think it is better to pick a gap and
send cq s or slide the band?



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