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Daniel Severance

That's a question that is difficult to answer.  NAQP RTTY is a unique contest where any use of spotting requires you to be registered as multi-op, not good if you are just operating on your own!

Now, given that you are working the contest without spotting, you need to TRY to run, but if no one is coming back to you then scanning the band at LEAST for mults is critical. keeping exchanges short is critical for running, if I come across someone runnning and their exchanges are really long (and many are calling) I may move on, whereas if they are working quickly and efficiently, I may stick around to work them as it won't take me too long.

Did the contest yesterday - tried a number of runs which were good and then died.  Still better to have tried and lost!  Actually had a big run on 80M near the end of the contest!


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Armed with the suggestions obtained on earlier posts about brevity and form I jumped into the naqp rtty contest yesterday. My First attempt at rtty. Without the help provided by Joe and several others, I would not have stood a chance. Managed 67(raw count)on 15,20,40,80 with storm Q between me and east coast. Thanks to all.
NEW Question for the forum DO you think it is better to pick a gap and send cq s or slide the band?

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