Valentine Sprint Log Submission Tips

v32hoosier <v32hoosier@...>

Being a relative new member (#1620), this was my first Valentine Sprint, and I really enjoyed it. I did have some difficulties submitting my log, so I thought I'd pass along some tips for other "newbies".

The automated processes for scoring and log submission works really slick (thanks to all who had a hand in making that happen), provided you have your log data in the correct format.

Submitting your entry is a two step process. First you have to submit your log to the scoring website The scoring website reviews your log and automatically extracts the data needed for scoring (i.e. # or YL/OM QSOs, SPC's, etc.) and then calculates your score. It also puts together a log summary that's used by the Contest Manager. The second part of the process is to submit your information from the scoring (including the log summary produced by the scorer) to the Contest Manager via the link found in the Valentine Sprint rules (i.e.

The problems I ran in to involved making sure my log was set up the way the scoring software expected. Here are the tips that I found. 1) The DXCC field on each contact must be filled out with the correct DXCC entity number (i.e. United States = 291, Canada = 1, Puerto Rico = 202, etc..) or your multipliers and score will be zero. You can get the DXCC entity numbers from the ARRL (just google "DXCC list") 2) The State and Country fields must be filled out (you can't rely on the scorer parsing them out of exchange info). 3) The OM/YL designator goes into the "Serial Number In" field. If that field is blank, it assumes OM, so you only need to fill in the YL contacts (saves some work).

I hope this is helpful. Sorry about the length of the post.

de Bob, KC9UR

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