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David Westbrook

These are the two key logic rules:
* A QSO can only be used once per WTW (entire award).
* A callsign can only be used once per Endorsement (SA, NA, AU, etc).

So yes, work stations multiple times!! A callsign can be used up to 9 times
(1 per endorsement) in some cases ... This is case if you see multiple
yellow (partial progress) cells for a given letter in the WTW checker ...
It's also why there's a "used-up callsigns" list on the WTW checker for

The checker handles all of that, so just work 'em all and it'll sort it
out :)


On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 12:16 PM, pegduck56 <> wrote:


can one collect letters over and over from the same station? I thought it
was 1 contact per station for WTW. Guess I need to revisit the rules !


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If you see me pls don't avoid me.
Still collecting A's.
VA7GEM 1470

--- In, Jerry wrote:

Nope Larry, wasn't me !¬ Saw you and tried to avoid you because I
didn't want to step on you either.

Jerry¬ N9AVY

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