End of Life for Callsign lookup software

Jeff Steinkamp

If you are a user of my Hamcall, Hamcall Search or FCC Lookup software, those program have reached end of life. They are being replaced with Calllookup. The new program is written entirely in Java making it suitable to run on Windows, Linux and Mac, whereas the others were windows based only.

You can download the program from http://www.n7yg.com/java.html

The windows download is an installer. The Linux download is a zip archive that can be extracted anywhere in your HOME tree. You might have to create a launch script if your machine is not setup to run the java realtime with files that have the .jar extension. If that is the case, launch it from a command line as java -jar calllookup.jar from the folder where it is installed.

For Mac users, I do not have an installer for Mac, but the same rules for Linux will basically apply to the Mac.

Currently the data source will be my callsign server, but future additions will have support for the subscription services at QRZ XML and HamQTH.

The program functions exactly the same as those that are being replaced. For the FCC Lookup users, you will no longer need to download the FCC data as the data on my server is updated on a weekly basis.

Jeff K. Steinkamp (N7YG)
Tucson, AZ
Scud Missile Coordinates
N32.229 W110.875

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