Helpful macros for use with Fldigi and TS-590S

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Here are a couple of macros that I find very useful at my setup (i.e. Fldigi software with a CAT-controlled TS-590S transceiver). Occasionally when working a weak signal, a strong in-band signal will pop up, causing the receiver AGC to reduce the gain, dropping the weak signal into the weeds. Fldigi has a couple of macro functions that can be used to 1) move the weak signal you're working into the center of the IF passband and 2) select a very narrow IF filter centered on that signal. Combining these functions into one macro allows you to select only the signal you want and eliminate the rest. The macros work very well with my TS-590S and may work similarly with other transceivers. The macros I use are:

Macro #1 (I named it "QSY 80") = QSYTO FILWID:80
(note: the "less than" and "greater than" symbols enclosing QSYTO and FILWID:80 aren't shown because they don't print correctly here)

"QSYTO" retunes the TS-590S so that the selected signal is centered at an operator-selected waterfall frequency that Fldigi calls a "sweetspot". For my setup, I set the "sweetspot" to be 1200 Hz, the same as the "IF Shift" setting on my TS-590S (i.e. the center of the IF bandpass). In Fldigi, the "sweetspot" is set by going to menu: Configure/Misc/Sweetspot.

"FILWID:80" sets the TS-590S IF bandwidth to 80 Hz. This macro function can be used to select any of the TS-590S valid IF bandwidths. Macros for other bandwidths may be desirable for working other modes (RTTY, Olivia, etc...).

Macro #2 (I named it "QSY Undo") = QSYFM FILWID:2500 (again the enclosing symbols aren't shown)

"QSYFM" retunes the TS-590S to it's original frequency (i.e. before the application of Macro #1).
"FILWID:2500" resets the TS-590S IF bandwidth back to 2500 Hz (i.e. "full band").

I use these macros all the time, and hopefully they will benefit other club members.

de KC9UR

Bob Billingsley, #1620

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