Re: software-using and logging

David Westbrook

The scoring utility is looking for <DXCC> (the numeric code) and <STATE>
fields in order to robustly determine S/P/C for multipliers ...

What is your main logger? I recommend importing the contest Q's into your
main logger, and then exporting those contest Q's back to get a good full
ADI file. e.g. HRD and DXKeeper produce very nice & complete ADIF files.

I'm also working on getting the scoring to utility to accommodate a wider
ranger of ADIF (or pseudo-ADIF), including attempting to guess the
dxcc/state from the SPC (not robust -- e.g.
LA/la/norway/Norway/Louisiana), with the SPC coming from the SRX or
SRX_STRING or COMMENT fields. This will probably work ok for PSKFest, but
is not going to work well for the other contests that have a name in the
exchange, becuase then the exchange has a bunch of other stuff in it.

Basically all of the support emails i get from the checker are loggers that
aren't exporting key fields, or producing ADIF that violates the standard
I get nearly none support questions regarding files generated from DXK or


On Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 10:42 AM, k8nih40 <gsbishop@...> wrote:


Hi-All- After a great contest,I need direction- Been using MMVARI for my
contesting and logging to Gen log- been ok,but did an up-grade B4 the test.
Couldn't seem to get a txt print-out that stated all I needed. So,What are
others using for tests??? i like the MMVARI,because the 7 macros are right
below the waterfall. log is a bit light for contests. Thats the reason for
Gen log . TKS,jerry W8KQ

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