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Jerry, I use GenLog also.
After the contest, I click on "After Contest", then on the drop down menu "Log".
I click on "Write More Logs".
There I do a Dupe Sheet, and Summary. I save those to my "Contest Archive" folder on my C Drive.
I then go back to the Log drop down menu and click on "Write Cabrillo Log". I save that to the same folder.
I open up Notepad and copy/paste all 3 of the text files to one document and that's what I send in to the official person.
It seems convoluted and lengthy, but actually takes no more that 5 minutes of time and creates a file I can refer back to with everything on 1 document.
Let me know if this helps?

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Hi-All- After a great contest,I need direction- Been using MMVARI for my contesting and logging to Gen log- been ok,but did an up-grade B4 the test. Couldn't seem to get a txt print-out that stated all I needed. So,What are others using for tests??? i like the MMVARI,because the 7 macros are right below the waterfall. log is a bit light for contests. Thats the reason for Gen log . TKS,jerry W8KQ

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