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No. I think you guys are way off base here.

This isn't the Yankee Clipper Contest Club.
This isn't the Northern California Contest Club.
This isn't the Southern California Contest Club.
This isn't the Official Russian Coal Miner's Contest Club.

This is the PODXS 070 Club, and it's an operating event.
Some of our guys take these operating events more seriously than others. Good for you.
You can't be presumptive enough to tell someone else how to word their macro's for your convenience, or how to operate.
This is a good way to run someone off from these events.
If I can't sit down and do it my own way, the way I am comfortable doing it, then I won't do it.
You have to adjust to my operating, not me to the way you envision it.

There is no one in this club that is so experienced that he can "instruct" others how to operate.
I'll put anyone in my log anyway they want to be put there.

As a parting shot, there are no legends in this club. Only a few that are legends in their own minds.

Can't we just move on?

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I'd chalk this up to "over-enthusiasm" for contesting. At least they are participating in the contest albeit in a confused manner. These "newbies" need to be taken aside and have contesting explained to them. Perhaps an email might be best if you got the call wrong or just letting them find out the hard way when their logs get tossed for contacts which were not completed. In major contests this would happen if they submitted logs.

Most of newer hams fail in these things because they don't take the time to listen and understand how things work.

Jerry N9AVY

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Really people, are we not amateurs anymore and courtesy is gone. Ive been CQed on, Called by someone sending QSO macros without my answering and just now 3 people called me sending their entire contest report without me even Acknowledging them.

Really, this is frustrating to try and operate PSKFest with every Ding dong out there.

Scotty W7PSK.

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