Some of the rtty boys run a gallon,and have alligator mics!! Loud ,but can't hear !!

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I've noticed that in every major RTTY and CW contest . Operators don't seem to care about PSK ops; much l;ike phone contests. Guess we have to either live with it, join 'em or go do something else. Contests seem to bring out the worst in ham manners.

Jerry n9avy

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Not to be a pain, but could the PODXS consider moving PSKFest for next year. The ARRL RTTY Round up is the same weekend every time and when they fire up PSK goes away. The RTTY Ops don't seem to care where they transmit and on top of whom ever is no biggie.

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> A reminder that the Twelfth Annual 070 Club PSKFest, sponsored by the

> Penn-Ohio DX Society (PODXS) takes place 0000-2400Z, 05 January 2013 UTC.

> This event is open to all amateurs licensed to operate on the HF bands. For

> rules go to the link below....73 de Jay N3DQU


> PSKFest Rules -

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