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Nice number crunching , with interesting results.
Thanks for your work with the awards checker and all the contacts you've handed out in the operating events.
Vy 73 & Happy New Year,

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The endorsement checker keeps some running statistics:

Last update: 26 December 2012
Active Members: 1575
Users w/awards: 535 => 33.97%
4472 awards earned

In April, 2010, this was:

Active Members: 1141
Users w/awards: 342 => 29.97%
1725 awards earned

(note: I think the 2012 numbers are just what's on the standings page,
so some expired endorsements aren't included, so numbers could
actually be higher)


That shows some great growth numbers!!!
Active Members: +40%
Users w/awards: +56% (greater than membership increase!)
%Users w/awards: +13%
Awards earned: +260%

I think two contributing factors are:

1) the new award series ... e.g. Bingo & WOTMC .. small & relatively
easy, and a bunch of them -- the obvious "culprit" for the giant
number of awards doled out.

2) the endorsement checker! So, i could be biased here :) but I'm
just going by the sheer number of callsigns that have uploaded, and
that there's multiple uploads daily; also from some feedback from the
endorsement bosses ... And from the assumption that the easier it is
to apply for these kind of things, the more people that will send in
for it.


Maybe the contest bosses can provide some growth statistics for the
contest participation?


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