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Joseph Miller <radiodxer2000@...>

I think you are right, Milt, I didn't look that far ahead.
Considering the distance, Holes 11 and 17 are furthest from here, but Hole 13 will be a challenge as well.
73 de Joe

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I think the toughest is Hole 13. There is nobody there. It's the last that I need.
I think the keeper of the Golf Award needs to answer your question for it to be an official answer.
Good luck.

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From: Joseph Miller
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Subject: [070] Golf endorsement question

This is probably in the rules somewhere, but maybe others would like to know the answer as well, so I ask:

I just worked a ham giving his call as ZZ9ZZZ/MM (fictional) and his location as the Indian Ocean, Grid Locator MH40.

My question, even though he is not on land, does this contact still count for Hole 11 for the Golf endorsement?

From my home, Holes 11 and 17 will most likely be my two toughest ones to work.

73 de Joe KJ8O 1244

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