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If you check the message you attached you will see that your request should be sent to David not to the list.
best regards

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Hi just done my 72 hours, all loaded onto the endorsement checker, could I
have a certificate please.



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In celebration of my 3 yrs w/070 (since Nov 2009) and the really fun
project of the endorsement checker (which has been used by hundreds of you
guys!!!), I'd like to announce a new operating award challenge:

===== The 24x7 PSK Award ======

This is an EXCLUSIVE award to the 070 Endorsement Checker ( ), and is not an official
club endorsement.

The Challenge ..... There are 168 hours (7*24) in the week ... have a PSK
qso in as many different blocks as you can! e.g. Monday 01:xx, Saturday
13:xx, etc.
* Three levels: 72, 120, 168
* PSK31 QSO's on/after 2012-11-01; No expiration
* The ADIF fields of QSO_DATE and TIME_ON (qso start) are used to
determine the day of the week and the hour.
* No restriction on band or stations worked (can work same station
multiple times).
* Use of the online 070 Endorsement Checker is *required*.

----> I have created a custom electronic (PDF; 11x8.5) certificate which
I'll email upon request for each level: 72, 120, 168
Each certificate is customized to the recipient, including a summary of
their whole process -- I wrong a script to extract it all from the
endorsement checker db and write out the pdf :)

To apply, simply email David KJ4IZW (dwestbrook@...
<> ) a request for
an electronic certificate to be generated -- just need callsign, no long
info or anything.

I think this could be a good, fun challenge, and possible encourage
operating in "odd" times that someone otherwise wouldn't ... and part of
the reason I released it now is to have it out before the holidays, when
there's probably more "random" hours being worked as people get in extra
airtime ... Definitely a longer term award, but I ran reports against the
endorsement checker database, and multiple people have done all 168 in the
last 3 years, and a bunch over the 120 level.

Hank W4RIG -- since you're done with the WTW clean sweep, the pressure's on
you to be the first! :)

73 & GL!!
070 #1041

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