Re: RG8 Co-ax that can be buried?

Mark - N8MNI

I used 3" Schedule 40 PVC to run my coax through into the house. I used
this box in 12"x12"x6"
Inside the box is my lightning protectors connected to a copper bar,
then 18" run to 8' ground rod. I have 5 runs of LMR400 into the shack.
The reason I installed this set up is due to a direct lightning strike I
took in 2007. The lightning hit my G5RV, an down the coax, then where
the coax curved along the house. The lightning blew out the side of the
coax, skipped across the attic to a ceiling light, then followed the
electric line in the house back to the outlet in the wall and blew the



Mark Crosbie
London, Ohio
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