Re: RG8 Co-ax that can be buried?

Jerry N9AVY

LMR400 direct burial is the way to go.   Not all LMR400 is direct burial unless it's specified.  LMR400 has little loss at HF frequencies.  BUT,  it should come with connectors already installed.  The compression connectors are a bit more expensive, but not as much as the tool needed to install connectors (around $400 !).

PVC pipe, if used, should be at least 3-4" in diameter with sweep 90 degree elbows (or two 45 degree elbows) because pulling coax through PVC can be a chore even with pull strings !  

Direct burial cable is cheapest route as long as there are no coax nibbling critters in yard !   Also, make sure the path for cable is well known/marked; so, some industrious gardener doesn't plant a bunch of daisies on top of coax ...  had a MATV antenna system in Lake Geneva condo development that was dug up by weekend gardeners who cut right through coax with shovels, etc. 

If utilities are underground in your yard, you may want to have J.U.L.I.E. or whatever you have to locate underground AC, cable, etc. Here in Illinois that service is free.  Placing coax too close to underground power wires is not recommended.

Think that covers it.

Jerry  n9avy

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They do make a direct burial LMR 400. Ask Janet, she probably has it.

Karen W4KRN

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I would recommend the Conduit. Go at least twice as big as you think you

need. when you put it in, put in runs of good nylon sting from one end of

the conduit to the other, and just leave them there. As long as they don’t

get tangled, you can pull more runs through later on. Much easier than

digging a trench each time you want to add a run of coax.



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A bit of technical help please?

Does anyone know of a quality RG8 co-ax that can be buried? I have about a

30' run that goes to my tower. It either has to be buried 4" to 6" under the

lawn, or sleved in 4" pvc pipe with weather heads on each end.

The labor is a big difference for me. (And my gardener)

Looking down the road a bit, it's a huge hassle to do the pvc pipe since the

addition of antenna's to my tower would require a 'fish tape' or strong cord

in the tubing to pull additional co-ax runs through.

Experienced help pls?





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