Re: "24x7" New Operating Award Challenge!!

David Westbrook

I've been giving this a "pilot"/"beta-test" run the last couple days ...
During Mon-14Z=>Tue-05Z and Tue-13Z=>Wed-04Z I managed to get 1 qso in
each hour ... which is higher than my normal daily rate! But i think
i'll have fun chasing more of it ... and It's a matter of finding time to
hop on ...

I was also finding the waterfalls (20 & 40) pretty empty in early morning
Eastern Time, ~6am,7am,8am ... So some of the "off-hours" might be
challenging ...

here is the leaderboard so far ... It will be more interesting as more
people run through the endorsement checker over time ..


Anyone planning on actively chasing this? I'm anxious to hand out the
first "72" cert, and see how my artistic attempt (not my strong suit!)
worked out :)


On Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 9:03 AM, David Westbrook <dwestbrook@...>wrote:

In celebration of my 3 yrs w/070 (since Nov 2009) and the really fun
project of the endorsement checker (which has been used by hundreds of you
guys!!!), I'd like to announce a new operating award challenge:

===== The 24x7 PSK Award ======

This is an EXCLUSIVE award to the 070 Endorsement Checker ( ), and is not an official
club endorsement.

The Challenge ..... There are 168 hours (7*24) in the week ... have a
PSK qso in as many different blocks as you can! e.g. Monday 01:xx,
Saturday 13:xx, etc.
* Three levels: 72, 120, 168
* PSK31 QSO's on/after 2012-11-01; No expiration
* The ADIF fields of QSO_DATE and TIME_ON (qso start) are used to
determine the day of the week and the hour.
* No restriction on band or stations worked (can work same station
multiple times).
* Use of the online 070 Endorsement Checker is *required*.

----> I have created a custom electronic (PDF; 11x8.5) certificate which
I'll email upon request for each level: 72, 120, 168
Each certificate is customized to the recipient, including a summary of
their whole process -- I wrong a script to extract it all from the
endorsement checker db and write out the pdf :)

To apply, simply email David KJ4IZW (dwestbrook@...) a request for
an electronic certificate to be generated -- just need callsign, no long
info or anything.

I think this could be a good, fun challenge, and possible encourage
operating in "odd" times that someone otherwise wouldn't ... and part of
the reason I released it now is to have it out before the holidays, when
there's probably more "random" hours being worked as people get in extra
airtime ... Definitely a longer term award, but I ran reports against the
endorsement checker database, and multiple people have done all 168 in the
last 3 years, and a bunch over the 120 level.

Hank W4RIG -- since you're done with the WTW clean sweep, the pressure's
on you to be the first! :)

73 & GL!!
070 #1041

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