Great Pumpkin Sprint Scores

Eric Dallmann

While perhaps the greatness of this years band conditions could be disputed, from what I've seen it was pretty much the same everywhere.  If you haven't submitted a score (and I could name a few dozen people in that category), please send it in.  If you're worried it's not good enough, don't.  There are plenty of people who only worked a couple stations.

Remember, using the scoring utility does NOT enter you in the contest.  You need to send your information to:


Please refer to the rules ( to be sure what you're sending meets the submission guidelines.  And while the scoring utility doesn't enter you in the contest, the output of the utility does meet the contest guidelines. If you forward it to the above address, you're good.

And finally, if you submitted an entry to the address above and I received it, you should have received an e-mail response.  If you sent an entry and didn't receive a response, please make sure you sent it by e-mail (and didn't rely on the scoring utility).

73, and thanks to those who have submitted, and those about to submit their scores.


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