Re: anyone still out there for the Great Pumpkin Sprint?


9V folks are real sensitive about that sort of thing too! had a friend that worked for Exxon and he was there for a year.
No problem getting a license, but their version of the FCC actually paid an eye-ball visit to his qth to look at his station, power out, etc.
Good luck on your trip Steve.

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Hey, I miss you guys! I'd be looking for you, Don, if I were still home. (I doubt I could have made it to California, though, on the limited antenna I have there.)

The contest has been over in these parts for about 10 hours now. Although I was in my hotel room with about 2 hours left in the contest period, I didn't pull out the radio to see if anyone was around. I knew I didn't have an antenna that would work, and I'm not authorized to transmit here.

I'll be heading to the airport tomorrow morning for the flight to DG. I won't know my operating schedule until after I arrive and figure out the work schedule first.

W3HF/(temporarily unofficially 9V/W3HF)/soon to be on-the-air as VQ9HF

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