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Jerry N9AVY

David ...  I agree with you that WTW is all "promoting PSK operation" (the very same thing that 10-10 is all about) and keeping bands active.

Competition is good, but I mostly compete against myself.  Never set out in any contest with plans to win; just want to snag a few "new ones".  When I got back into PSK in mid-August, my goal was to work just one WTW, but by October I had work two and last night I got the last A when I snagged TG9AHM.  After that ordeal, I think I'm on R & R for a while.

Did put a lot of Q's in the log .. almost 800 which was another goal as well as putting a bunch in LoTW on various bands, plus worked some new IOTA's to boot ! 

As for the club station (K9ATI) , I was not serious about working it (yet).  Will continue to hand it out to members working on WTW fo that extra A (please note that there are no direct cards for K9ATI, just Eqsl).  I have tried running the club and my call simultaneously during 10-10 contests and it's just too much extra work !   Not sure, but I think club station call can only be used by members of the SNITT chapter.

Remote stations has been a hot topic on one of the reflectors I'm on.  One group is selling time shares/memberships for its mega-station on East Coast and wants $1699 for membership and then $299 a month for operating on a time share basis ! The are probably no guarantees on times available.  Oh, and they send you a K3 sans RF section so you can operate from any computer anywhere.

Time to relax for a while.

73,  Jerry  n9avy

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The other side of the argument is that the whole point of endorsements
program is to encourage activity ...  If letter-chasing prompts you to get
someone else active on the air, with a new call sign at that, then that's
exactly what we all want ...

And announce the spot here when the club call is on (with you or anyone
else as the op), and others will probably pick up that "A" as well ...

fwiw, another way you could legitimately (I think) work yourself, is get
permission to borrow someone's station remotely (e.g. VNC/logmein/etc to
their computer) ... you then could work your home call on home station, and
in remote window (or a 2nd computer/laptop) control the remote station
using the club call.
    => I can offer my station to play with this idea ... email me offline
to sked

Arguably this is more "sketchy" than granting another op use of the club
call since it's the same op on both ends...  BUT, again, otoh, it's
prompting experimentation (remote control) and activity (club call from new
location -- which could be anywhere and not just home state!)... especially
if spotted here and you work others ...


So, I (in my completely unofficial opinion) say go for it!   you're having
fun, trying new operating methods, and generating on-air PSK31 Q's.
Actually, for a challenge, I think you should try all of the methods in
this thread :)

Though WTW isn't a competition -- trying to (legitimately) have your two
calls work each other doesn't give anyone else a disadvantage.
And if you're still uncomfortable with it as possible "unfair advantage",
still do it for fun and just don't submit those Q's for WTW.


Any plans for the club call to join 070?   It can then double-up for LONP
credit, too :)


On Thu, Oct 11, 2012 at 7:48 PM, Jerry <n9avy@...> wrote:


I could do that, but I really feel it would be an unfair advantage.

Jerry n9avy



P.S. Serious suggestion: You could (as club station trustee) authorize
another member of that club to use the club call and then work HIM.



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