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Let's think this through. Is it very possible that the 2 DX stations weren't copying the station in England?
There have been many ocassions where I've seen a station sign off, and I've called them, only to have them go back 1 more time to the station I can't hear. Did that make me rude, or make me a station that thought the station I was calling had actually signed off?
Our pencils need not be that sharp when we can't know what the stations in EU are hearing.
Just another $.02 worth.

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This morning I was doing my usual CQing on 15m when I got into a conversation with a station in England. Before I could even sign with him I had 2 station (Italy & Germany) cover up the English station by calling me.

So, my question is : is this typical rude behavior these days or just a couple of impatient newbies ? Needless to say, I didn't work either of two stations. I've handled pileups before and most have been patient enough to standby until I finished QSO.

Jerry N9AVY

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