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Joseph Miller <radiodxer2000@...>

You are right, kHz, I got pulled in different directions today...
73 de Joe KJ8O

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Mhz?? Khz also don't forget the XIT I use it to quickly dial in a
split and makes moving around the pileup easy.

On 10/4/2012 4:16 PM, Joseph Miller wrote:

I agree with Tom's analysis. Last spring during the SS. Pierre et
Miquelon DXPedition, the operator came back to me, and I only got to
see my call sign as the QRN ended literally seconds before turning to
me for my report. Luckily, the contact was completed, and I received
my confirmation.

And to expand on split operation, it can be done through the digital
software, although the plit is limited to about 1-2 MHz, or if can be
operated through the transceiver where you can do a much wider split
(RTTY is typically 3-5 MHz up).

73 es all the besy de Joe KJ8O 1244

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I think that 070 endorsements (such as PSK Golf) generally require the
PSK31 mode for the qualifying QSO.

Also in my experience DX PSK63 requires more power and better antenna and
condx to make the contact. ZL7 is no walk in the park for our east
coasters, so that may be a consideration especially for them.

If the DX runs in split mode as most do, the PSK31 mode should work fine.
The only problem for some ops is that they aren't familiar with split PSK
operation and sometimes present QRN on the DX QRG.

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